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The Creative Healing Lens was born out of my personal journey and the realisation that photography can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. I am passionate about capturing the beauty in the ordinary and helping others explore their own creativity through the lens. I believe that photography can aid in the recovery process by providing a new perspective and helping individuals discover their inner strengths. My approach is unique and tailored to each individual, making sure that the camera is a tool for healing and self-care. Contact me to book your personal lens-based healing photography within our group sessions.

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Healing Power

"Lens of Healing" is the transformative power of photography, allowing individuals to express emotions and experiences that words may struggle to convey. By sharing practical tips, creative exercises, and inspiring success stories, the sessions empower participants to use photography to heal, rebuild, and reconnect with society.

I encourage participants to embrace their unique perspectives and foster empathy, understanding, and connection with others. It aims to transform isolation into community, adversity into resilience, and pixels into hope.

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